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Why Padel Racket is in So Demand?

Padel is pronounced as a pad-ell and also called a Padel Racket, and Padel Tennis. It is a more demanding and fastest-growing sport all over Europe. More than 8 million people love to play this sport. It is more demanding and famous in Latin American countries and Spain.

Padel Racket is so similar to tennis and squash. It is more fun to play for all age groups. Padel racket is faster to play and easy to carry than a game of tennis, and it requires less physical power to play. Which might be the reason it’s more popular among sports players.

The Popularity of Padel Racket:


It starts back in the 1960s. First, this game gains its popularity in Mexico and then unbelievably popularity spread all over the Atlantic to Spain. In 1993 Spain Sports Council changed the name spelling “Paddle” to “Padel” so it can be easily pronounced.

The popularity of Padel Racket is so high not just in Europe but in fact all over the world. More than 10 million people around all over the world love to play it.

The demand for Padel Racket is so high in the UK that more than 150 courts and 50 clubs are in Britain. The majority of courts are located in England and also in Scotland.

After gaining popularity and recognition worldwide the LTA decided to consider the Padel Racket the most popular new sport.

Padel Racket is Good For Your Body:

Padel Rackets sports is really good for your body fitness and body health. If you play it on daily basis or weekly, this sport keeps your body maintain and healthy. Let’s discuss its other good factors which are beneficial for your body’s health.

Better For Your Spine:

The sports clubs for Padel Rackets are smaller than Tennis clubs so the balls hits are less difficult and slower turns are possible and it takes less hand effort and muscle movements and puts less strain on your back.

Better For Your Shoulders:

This game is better for your shoulder muscles’ health and also has much fewer shoulder injuries than tennis.

Good For Your Wrist and Elbow:

Padel Racket is good for your wrist and elbow than Tennis. Padel Rackets take less effort to hit the ball also the ball velocity is less so there are so fewer chances of wrist injuries.


Padel Racket is famous and fun to play. It is a safe sport and also has very less and rare chances of injuries.


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