How to Remove Dents from Leather Wallet?

Leather wallet is one of essentials for men like if you look into your pocket now. What would you find there? Keys, Phone and yes Wallet. No matter where you work? What you do? You definitely need it.

Why Leather Wallet?

Now come to the point that mostly people uses mens leather wallet. why is that so? Because of some following reasons it is preferred by men:

Style: These Wallets come in wide variety of colors, styles making it easy for men to choose wallet that suits their personal life style. It can be classy, stylish or even simple depending upon men’s choice.

Professionalism: This wallet conveys a professionalism & sophistication, making it popular choice of business man specially. It makes a good impression in your professional environment.

Protection: Leather provides degree of protection for every item stored in wallet its cash, credit/debit card, license or coins. It prevents them from moisture, dust or any environmental factors.

Durability: Leather is durable material that can withstand regular use. It can last for years and even can improve in appearance.

But now the question is if you get some dent on it??? Would you buy another wallet??
No there is no need to invest another time. Just follow the instruction given below and get your wallet back in a perfect condition as it was before.

Steps to Remove Dents

Removing dents from leather wallet can be tricky but yes! It is possible to restore the leather to its original condition with few simple steps. Here’s what you can try:

1-Fill the dent with water: Use a dropper or a clean cloth to moisten the dent with a small amount of water. This will help to soften the leather and make it more flexible.

2-Use Spoon: Place a spoon over the dent and gently press down on it. Apply even pressure and try to push it back to its original shape. Be careful while applying pressure as it can cause more damage to your wallet.

3-Apply Heat: Use hair dryer or heat gun on lowest setting to warm the area around the dent. This will help to further soften the leather and make it easier to reshape.

4-Use Leather Conditioner: Once you’ve removed the dent, apply small amount of leather conditioner to affected area, for restoring moisture and prevent leather from drying out & cracking.

5- Give it Time: Now place your wallet in open place to get it dry completely before using it again.

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