HS Pro Fingerless Cycling Gloves-Black and Gray

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HS Pro Fingerless Cycling Gloves | Bike Gloves For Men and Women

  • The HS PRO cycling gloves have a well-thought-out structure.
  • The design is very simple and the fit is spot on. A mesh back is flexible and well stitched made of stretchy fabric to keep the gloves snug on your hands.
  • Palm is made from genuine leather with Pads containing gel under it.
  • If you’re prone to numb hands from the pressure of the handlebar let the gel absorb these impacts.
  • With your fingertips unencumbered, there’s no loss in dexterity. You’ll be able to use smartphones and touchscreens with ease.
  • The pull tab available on your finger helps you get off your gloves quickly and easily.
  • Fingerless cycling gloves provide protection and safety in an incident of a crash.
  • Please make sure to adjust the straps properly gloves that are too tight may cut off circulation.
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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for HS Pro Fingerless Cycling Gloves-Black and Gray

  1. Lisa Ann

    Best quality. Highly recommended.

  2. Jack Ellis

    Fast shipping service and friendly staff.

  3. Jack Ellis

    friendly staff.

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