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How to Choose the Right Sports Bra?

Good training deserves good gear. All women are faced with this question, regardless of the size of their breasts. For athletes, it is essential to know how to choose the right sports bra in order to avoid neck, shoulder, or back pain and how to keep a puffy chest for a long time.

Here are some tips which will help women to choose the right sports bra for optimal support.

Choosing the Right Sports Bra: Women Should Pay Attention to the Size

When choosing the right sports bra you must know its perfect size first. Perfect fitted bra size guarantees to provide increased comfort and optimal support. It’s observed that 7 out of 10 women don’t know their bra size. To get the right bra one must use a tape measure to check their chest and back circumference.

Chest Measurement:

Put a measurement tape behind your back, horizontally, then put it on your chest without crushing it.

The Back Circumference:

Keep the measurement tape behind your back horizontally, then put the circumference just under your chest. In this way, you will get the measurements of your back in cm. Here is a measurement chart to help you to get your desired size

Measurement in CM Bra Size
Between 58 and 62 cm 75
Between 63 and 67cm 80
Between 68 and 72cm 85
Between 73 and 77cm 90
Choosing a right sports bra

                                                    Model wears EZ FIT Sublimation Cut & Sew Sports Bra

To know the size of your cup, you will need to use the measurements given above. You need to calculate the difference between the measurement of your chest and your back. This difference matches the letter of your cup.

Size Chart

Difference Result

Cup Size

13 cm


15 cm


17 cm


19 cm


21 cm


23 cm


Choosing the Right Sports Bra: Women Should Pay Attention to the Fitting

Choosing Right Sports Bra For Women

The material is also very important when choosing a sports bra. Quality fabrics and materials that will allow the effective absorb the sweat when the training becomes intense. They must also provide enough flexibility to avoid restrictions in your movements.

The flat bra seams didn’t generate friction and were responsible for sweating. Elastane also allows you to get stretch, but it promotes humidity.

Choosing the Right Sports Bra: A Question of Style

In the selection of sports bras, you need to know how sporty you are. You should have to ask yourself what style do you want. A cardio exertion will not require the same preservation as a wellness exertion. TSZ Sports LTD offers a wide range of sports bras that meet the existing trends and needs of active women. It adjusts to all stages of sports influence, from low to very intense. You maintain maximum confidence, whatever the rules of the game. If you want to bring a little color and pep to your activewear? EZ FIT Sports Bra gives you optimal support. It gives a grain of madness to your style.

Selection of Right Sports Bra

Now you are master all the mechanisms of choosing your sports bra which is an art. All you have to do is slip on your new sports bra and workout in style and comfort.

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